Once again into the breach…

by sibrydionmawr

Please forgive the overly dramatic title, it actually wasn’t that bad this week, which I have to say is just a little creepy.  I was tasked with providing my job coach with a copy of my CV and covering letters for a job application and for a speculative job enquiry, which I was supposed to e-mail to him.  Needless to say I didn’t e-mail him copies but I did take copies of  my CV and the letters with me to the fortnightly review meeting.

Proceedings were, as usual, polite, but also as usual I wasn’t willing to cooperate more than I am required to.  I gave the job coach my job search document to which he commented that I’d done a lot, which is usual for me, I actually do want to be in work and I’m sure that eventually I will get work as sadly the area I have expertise in will be in more and more demand, and at some point the government will release funding to pay for the needed staff.  It’s already happening to an extent, but the jobs being created are zero hour contracts, but I’m used to this, and though at times it can be a bit of a struggle to make ends meet, sometimes I have had so much work that all I do is work and sleep, literally. Great for the bank balance, but not so good for work-life balance! Anyway, I digress.  My job coach then asked to see my CV, so I got it out and held it in front of him, like I was told to on the Boycott Workfare website… He complained that he couldn’t see it, and wouldn’t I even place it flat on the desk.  I said that I wasn’t going to, and then he said that this was getting stupid, (in my mind I agreed, it was getting stupid, me being required to attend every fortnight and prove I can jump through hoops). Anyway, I compromised by laying the CV flat on the desk and telling him he couldn’t have a copy – not that it would have been much use, what with the copyright notice at the bottom and a pale red copyright ‘watermark’ printed diagonally across it.  He, somewhat surprisingly to me, agreed that I could have it back.  He then suggested that I could improve it, and me being the thoroughly reasonable person that I am, was prepared to listen.  In fact I’m glad that I did, as his suggestions were very useful, and I shall be using them to prepare an improved CV, (in fact that’s my assignment for next time)

Even more surprisingly, after he had gone through the suggestions for improving my CV he said I could go… I’d been in the office for just under twenty minutes!

I still have a bit of a creepy feeling though, that there is something about to happen that I don’t yet know about…. Watch this space.