by sibrydionmawr

I signed on yesterday at the JCP, and got chatting to my advisor, and he asked me how I was getting on with the WP, my comment was that I didn’t think that it was going to be a lot of use to me, and I was quite surprised by his response – he said that as far as he could see was that it only really ‘worked’ for those claimants who were doing virtually nothing to find work, but that it was not going to make a lot of difference to those already making an effort.

The way things are going, with the number of potential ployers’ pulling out of Workfare, and the subsequent loss of income to the poverty pimp companies, who, let’s not forget, work on the Payment By Results principle is going to put increasing pressure on their profit margins… All good news, from our point of view.

I’ve been looking at blogs about the whole issue of Workfare/unemployment from around the world, especially from the USA where all this rubbish started, and though there is no shortage of redneck comment, there is also quite a bit of support for the idea of actually investing in the unemployed, in the idea of job creation, which, categorically rejects the idea of growing the economy, as this doesn’t address the fundamental issue of income inequality.

There is plenty of wealth in our country, it’s just in the wrong places, and whilst the ConDems are fond of moaning about the costs of welfare to the poor, the unemployed and the sick and disabled, they seem to want to funnel increasing amounts of money to the private sector as corporate welfare.